Rules & Regulations Very ' Eavy Festival:

  • The visit to the Festival is always at your own risk.
  • The organisation of Very ' Eavy can, in no way, be held liable for injury and/or damage to property.
  • The instructions or comments of organization or security should be followed at all times.
  • Self brought refreshments are not allowed on the festival grounds.
  • It is forbidden to be in the possession of weapons, (hard) drugs, sharp objects and/or other dangerous articles.
  • Security holds, at all times, the right to inspect.
  • Changes in the programming of the Very ' Eavy Festival gives no right to refund of the entrance fees.
  • Professional sound-and/or video equipment are not allowed unless the Organization has granted explicit permission.
  • Light alcoholic beverages are not allowed under the age of 18, strong alcoholic beverages are not allowed under the age of 21.   When in doubt you will be asked for your ID.
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